Simphiwe Laura Stewart



Simphiwe was born and raised in the Kingdom of eSwatini, going on to complete a Bachelor of Political Science at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and a Master of Studies in Law, specialising in Natural Resources and Energy Law at Lewis and Clark Law School (United States). Before coming to Oxford, Simphiwe worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where her research included the development of GIS mapping and environmental assessment tools, assessing the responsiveness of national-scale EPA environmental justice grants to community based priorities and connecting community-based partners including state government, nonprofit and academic institutions to EPA's suite of environmental justice tools.

Simphiwe is the co-founding Director of the Environmental Law Assistance Centre (eSwatini), a member of Linacre College and a DPhil student in the Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford, where her research assesses voter behaviour and elections outcomes across several democracies.

Key Initiatives:

Graduate Research and Innovation  

GRAIN is a platform for AfriSoc members, AfOx visiting fellows and affiliates to present, discuss and encourage action on current issues affecting the African continent. We invite conveners to share their work and partner with the Africa Oxford Initiative whose visiting scholars/fellows co-present on their research. The presentations are intended to be 15 minutes in length and provide a launching pad for a democratized, audience - presenter discussion on the topic as well as inspiring some call to action or impetus for collaboration.

Women's Empowerment

By spearheading the appointment of the AfriSoc's first honorary patron, Prof Patricia Daley, and convening the Daley Breakfasts, Simphiwe aims to institutionalize women's empowerment, afro-feminist activism and pan-africanism as hallmarks of AfriSoc's core programming.

Afro-Feminist Book-Club

The Afro-feminist book club (ABC) was born from a discussion that highlighted the lack of space for and awareness of critical feminist theory both within the Society and the broader Oxford community. This is a dedicated space for men, women, LGBTQI+ and gender non-conforming members of AfriSoc and the broader Oxford community to partake in a shared love for literature that celebrates the diverse and many identities of Afro-feminism on the continent and the diaspora. The ABC is co-convened by the Kofo Collective and AfriSoc.

IT and Newsletter

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