Week 4 with AfriSoc

Dear Members,

We are now halfway through Michaelmas, and the AfroBOP is here to make you dance your stresses away. You heard us right, The AfroBOP! Submit your favourite beats for DJ Keem to play and prepare your best dance moves. We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

We would also like to address the controversy surrounding the difficulties black and African students have when applying to Oxford by showing the work both the ACS and AfroSoc are doing to reduce those difficulties. The controversies focused on black British students, while AfriSoc has always been international by foundation and vocation. We are, among other things, working on mentorship schemes for home and international students whose details we will share with you during the week.

The most international of our projects, the Oxford Africa Conference, has been re-activated for the 2018 edition. Preparing it takes many months for hard works during which many things are learnt beyond what is visible during the days of the conference. We will share as much as possible of it with you.

Two final notes. At the end of the message is a presentation event by the consultancy company OC&C happening on Monday. Next week, on Tuesday, we will be hosting Esther Stanford-Xosei, a juriconsult and advocate for the International Network of Activists and Scholars for Afrikan Reparations. It is the last speaker event planned for this term, don't miss it!

  • Upcoming Event (SAT): The AfroBop
  • Upcoming Event (Next Week): Esther Stanford-Xosei
The AfroBOP!

The AfroBOP!

We are now halfway through Michaelmas, and the AfroBOP is here to make you dance your stresses away. The full African and Caribbean Jams experience in all its variety will be on offer for the first time this term. So if you want to get down and shake your body, don't miss this one!

With two dance floors, the fantastic DJ Keem, a bar to quench your thirst and incredible mixes we present to you Oxford's favourite night! Remember that you can submit your musical request on the Facebook page.

We will also use the occasion to celebrate the Africans graduating on this weekend, so come to meet many returning faces.

We are still looking for volunteers to help our Social Secretary run the night. Please do get in touch even if only to ask what is needed. One free ticket and eternal gratitude to those who can help.

Improving the number and chances of Black and African candidates to Oxford

Following the debate involving the low intake of black students in undergraduate courses in Oxford University, we would like to bring to your attention the work the African and Caribbean Society (ACS) is doing, working at the front of the issue. Of particular relevance is the Annual Access Conference, designed to support comprehensive schools in assisting their students of African and Caribbean descent to make competitive applications to the University of Oxford.

AfriSoc has been working on the issue as well from the graduate point of view, and within a framework that targets home and international students. Our initiatives are built around the Scholarship Portfolio, created last year by Ashey, Rocco and Kgaugelo and now guided by Rocco, in close collaboration with the Africa Oxford Initiative. We are currently working on two mentorship schemes regarding which we will be giving you information in the coming week.

We believe student feedback and student led initiatives to be fundamental in tackling the issue. This is of course also true for us, so please take time to read the linked document and reach out to us for more information of if you would like to help.


Pursuing Pan-Afrikan Reparations (with Esther Stanford-Xosei)

Esther Stanford-Xosei on Reparations

We are looking forward to hosting Esther Stanford-Xosei next week Tuesday (November 7). She will speak about the recently launched International Network of Activists and Scholars for Afrikan Reparations (INOSAAR).
INOSAAR is a collaborative project that seeks to unite the efforts of scholars and activists in a quest to advance the question of reparations for Afrikan enslavement and exploitation.

Esther's talk will focus on elaborating on the INOSAAR's role in movement, how it relates to Oxford students scholarship and research and what students can expect to benefit from participating in the network.

Esther Stanford-Xosei is a juriconsult, community advocate, specialising in the critical legal praxis of 'law as resistance'.

RSVP now (some wine will be provided during the evening).

Where: Balliol College
When: 7pm, November 7

AfriSoc Newsletter MT#4