Week 6 with AfriSoc

Dear Members,

Dear Members,

As we are nearing the end of the term and the days become shorter, we want you not to lose connection with our community. We are working to make it larger and more inclusive, starting from the North Africa Roundtable we are hosting next Sunday centred on the relations with North Africa.
Biruk, a Co-Chair for the 2017 Oxford Africa Conference, is now leading the efforts of the Oxford University China Africa Network and has shared with us some events which are worth checking out.
We are looking for a new member to join the committee in the role of Deputy Social Secretary; please enquire via email or get in touch with Tonny.
The next academic event we will host (week 7) is the AfriSoc mini-Symposium, whose theme will be Law & Politics.To propose a presentation sign up using the form below.

  • Upcoming Deadline (SAT): Deputy Social Secretary - Call For Applications
  • Upcoming Deadline (SUN): AfriSoc mini-Symposium - Law & Politics
  • Upcoming Event (SUN): North Africa Roundtable
  • Upcoming Event (NEXT WEEK): Ashinaga Internships Presentation
  • Upcoming Events: China Africa Network talks

Pursuing Pan-African Reparations with Esther Stanford-Xosei

Last week, Esther depicted a dynamic picture of the international reparationist movement, tracing it back to its centuries old roots and made a convincing case to view it not as a return to the past, but as a way to trigger an African Renaissance.
An highlight of her presentation was showing how neither the reparation movement, nor the damage it is campaigning against are a thing of the past. She focused on how colonial traits still contribute to the ongoing destruction of indigenous knowledge systems and invited us to challenge it in our institutions.

Deputy Social Secretary - Call for Applications

We are looking for a new member of the committee to help the Social Secretary organise the AfroBOPs, the lunch hangouts, pot lucks and all the other social events we all love. The deputy social secretary will need to be jolly and committed to helping manage the society’s social agenda. The ability to seamlessly communicate with people is also central to the role.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please email us at africa.society@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk with subject 'AfriSoc - application - Deputy Social Secretary' and attach your CV and cover letter. The deadline for this is next Saturday at midnight.


North Africa Roundtable

Africa belongs to all Africans! The Africa Society would like to ensure that all Africans feel welcome and can contribute to the activities and success of the Society. Therefore, we have resolved to host a Roundtable with our North African members next Sunday. Noon Atijani and Abdulrahman Faki Omer, both from Sudan, will be assisting us by spearheading our efforts to engage more meaningfully with North Africa.

Where: Green Templeton College
When: Sunday at 6pm


Oxford University China Africa Network

The Oxford University China-Africa Network (OUCAN) is an academic, multi-dimensional organisation that seeks to forge cross-disciplinary and trans-regional links between researchers, practitioners, and officials around the emerging phenomenon of Chinese engagement with Africa.

Biruk, co-chair of the 2017 Oxford Africa Conference, is a co-convener for OUCAN this year. The next events he has been working on are really interesting and range across history, politics, economics and engineering.

22.11.2017 Investigating the negotiation practices of African governments when dealing with China with Dr. Folashadé Soulé

29.11.2017 China in the African Imaginary: Between Solidarity and Neocolonialism with Ms. Xiaoran Hu

01.12.2017 The Plan, Process and Governance of Building a Modern Railway in Ethiopia with Dr. Getachew Betru

AfriSoc Mini-Symposium - Law & Politics

In Week 7 we will organise the first ever AfriSoc mini-symposium,  a moment for our members to share their research interests with us in an informal setting. We have already received some proposals, and we would like to receive more around the theme Law & Politics, so we will still be accepting proposals for another week. Each presentation will be between 10 and 15 minutes long and there will be 3-4 presentations. Nibbles, fruit, tea and coffee will be offered during the event.

Get in touch even if you would like to register your interest towards a future iteration of the symposium.

Please do register your interest, there is no limitation on the range of the research areas we accept.

AfriSoc Newsletter MT#6