Week 7 with AfriSoc

Dear Members,

We had a really interesting conversation with the North Africa community on Sunday. We are keen to strengthen our relationship with all Africans and we are convinced that some useful advice was given us on how to better engage with students from the northern part of the continent.

We will increase the frequency of events that can bring us together; we hope one of these will the AfriSoc Lunch Hangout: places are limited so sign up early!

On Saturday, we will host the first Afrisoc mini-symposium, which will have the theme 'The Law, Education and Communities'. Three research students and members of the society will present their research in an informal setting which we hope will help spark debates around the theme.

Finally, another way to get involved with the community is through the African Choir, which had a successful first meeting on Saturday. Whether you are an expert singer or just want to challenge yourself with this, the group is still looking for interested people.

  • Upcoming Event (THU): AfriSoc Lunch Hangout
  • Upcoming Event (SAT): Symposium: Law, Education and Communities

North Africa Roundtable

Together with students from Northern Africa, we discussed issues of identity across geography, history, religion, society and politics. We recognised the differences but also found communalities with Sub-Saharan Africa and ways to enhance these in our society. More on the discussion and about the new proposals will follow during the week. For questions, comments and suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


AfriSoc Lunch Hangout

The second Afrisoc Lunch Hangout is coming this Thursday (November 23rd). It will be open only to 10 members on a first come first served basis. We want as many African students as possible experience various college spaces in the company of other Africans over a quick lunch (12:30 - 1:30).

This week, the Afrisoc members in Linacre college are going to host the hangout. The cost is approximatively 5£ for a two course meal.


Where: Linacre College
When: Thursday lunch


African Choir

Papa Kojo and Qhayiya Mudau, two of our members, are gauging interest for an African Gospel or inspirational choir. If you are interested in joining, please email kojo.botsio@gtc.ox.ac.uk by Wednesday. The first meeting was held on Saturday but they are still looking for people interested in the project.

Both instrumentalists and singers and are welcome and no prior experience required. Feel free to get in touch with Papa Kojo to ask more about the idea.



AfriSoc Symposium: Law, Education and Communities

The first AfriSoc mini-Symposium will be on Saturday at 11:00 at the Tanner Room in Linacre College. Athol, Maame, Catherine and Mohamed will be speaking about their academic work and the experiences that led them to decide their research topic. We hope that a fruitful conversation will follow every presentation.

Maame: "I will be looking at the dichotomy between custom and customary law in postcolonial African countries; the nature of it, the challenges it creates for their constitutional efforts."

Mohammed: "I will present a research about party systems and military coups d`etat I conducted two years ago. I investigated whether party systems can play a role in interpreting the high frequency of military coups d`etat in the countries of the South."

Athol: "My research is in political philosophy and seeks to answer two related questions: (i) On what grounds could we assign justice-responsibility to commercial corporations, i.e. responsibility beyond mere corporate social responsibility (CSR), to remedy historical injustice and promote distributive justice? (ii) How should this responsibility be prioritised with the corporation’s other responsibilities, particularly to shareholders."

Catherine: "For my research, I want to look at education policy in Uganda. More specifically , I want to understand how Ugandans use their education to impact their everyday lives. I will explore questions such as, is the Ugandan education system built to empower the people of Uganda? Do people use their education to make informed decisions about their everyday lives ? I believe that education plays a fundamental role in empowering people and should be used as a tool for transformation."

An event poster and more details about the students will be released by Tuesday but do save the date! Nibbles, fruits, tea and coffee will be offered during the event. If you feel that your research can add perspectives to the theme and would like to present it, please do get in touch.

When: Saturday 11am
Where: Linacre College, Tanner Room

AfriSoc Newsletter MT#7