20th January, 2019

Dear members and friends of the Oxford University Africa Society,

The past few days have deluged us with unfortunate events coming from Sudan, Zimbabwe, and most recently Kenya.

In Sudan, peaceful protests fueled by dissatisfaction with the government, and coupled with a dire economic situation, have been met with disproportionate use of power. This has led to protester suppression, loss of lives, injuries, unlawful detentions, and adversely affected livelihoods.

In Zimbabwe, protests against the government have emanated from disenchantment with a 130% rise in fuel prices, as well as generally declining standards of living. These have been met with violent opposition, causing death and many injuries. The government’s shutdown of internet services has also limited democratic freedoms and caused heightened frustrations.

Most recently in Kenya, a terrorist attack at the 14 Riverside complex has left at least 21 people dead. Many others have endured injuries, trauma, and feelings of anger and deep disappointment. This has been further augmented by the insensitive ways in which the attack has been reported.

The Oxford University Africa Society (AfriSoc) extends its sincere commiserations to all affected by these very unfortunate occurrences. We also sincerely commiserate with victims of the many other disheartening events ongoing across the continent. We stand in solidarity with protesters, our community members, and all those concerned and in support of the democratic resolve to these discontents. We sympathize with you as you show resilience through this difficult time.

As a community of Africans and friends of Africa, we will continue to endeavour to support each other in the best ways that we can. Should you need any support or want to discuss these events further, please do email us on president@oxforduniversityafricasociety.com and vicepresident@oxforduniversityafricasociety.com.

Yours sincerely,

Papa Kojo Botsio

President, Oxford University Africa Society

Nada Kurdi

Vice President, Oxford University Africa Society


AfriSoc Statement on Sudan, Kenya and Zimbabwe

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