Recall of elections for Oxford University Africa Society Committee

Dear Members,

Since the Hustings for the Committee of the Oxford University Africa Society yesterday, Saturday 9 June, certain irregularities and flaws in the current electoral process have been identified. This included the following:

  1. The process followed in the run-up to the call for Applications and Hustings was not strictly in line with the process articulated in the bylaws. Principally, the position for Vice President of the Society should also be available for contestation, together with the other substantive positions advertised.
  2. Aspects of the Hustings may have tainted the actual or perceived fairness and integrity of the elections for Secretary-General specifically and potentially the Vice-Presidency as it resulted in a public lobbying, which may disadvantage the other potential candidates for Vice President.

In this light, the election process is hereby terminated. The elections will run anew and the Committee will outline the new process in the coming days and ask for your patience in this matter.

If you have any queries, kindly direct them to the President: and the Election Returning Officer, Norbert (

The Oxford University Africa Society Committee

Elections Recall