Oxford Africa Society Mid-Summer BBQ

We're now approaching the mid point of the summer. We​ have not seen one another in forever and we ​want ​​t​​o​ continue to build community with a barbecue, to be held at Linacre ​College​ next Sunday for all those who, by choice or necessity, will be in Oxford.

We congratulate everyone for completing another academic year, and especially those who have graduated this year. If you are leaving, consider signing-up to the Alumni Network. If you are staying, then a good way to contribute to the society is via the Afrisoc Buddy Programme.

We have been working to prepare an exciting year for you and incoming fresher members with structural changes to some parts of the Society being made, starting from the new and improved website, which takes the place of the old one today. Mary Jiyani has also joined the committee to work on a new draft of the constitution, following changes in the university regulations which made the previous one obsolete. Tonny Mungai is the new Social Secretary and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role.  Finally, Rocco Zizzamia will continue his work for the scholarship portfolio as its new manager. The portfolio, initiated last year, has produced a document illustrating the mission and the methodologies we believe will lead to its attainment.

There remain a number of open positions in the Committee, including the Vice President, the Members Manager and the Conference Co Chairs. Applications for these roles will be open until the week 2 of Michaelmas, to allow new students a chance to participate actively in the society.

1. A New Website for Afrisoc

After many years of good service, the old website has been retired. Three critical aspects were identified in it and helped formulate the following requirements for the replacement:
  • It looks good and is usable both on desktop/laptop computers and on small hand-held devices
  • Important information is at the forefront and navigation feels natural
  • Non web-masters are able to update it easily
The new website, based on wordpress, is elegant and responsive. We hope for it to become a central point of interaction and information sharing for the society, its members and its alumni. Please, pay it a visit and direct any feedback to Temitope. We are looking forward to hearing your comments and advice on how to keep making it better.

2. Alumni Network


We wish to extend our sincerest congratulations to those of you who have graduated this year: it has been a terrific one.

Whether you are leaving Oxford or not, you do not need to disappear. Share your contact information with us and the Africa Oxford Initiative so that we can stay connected. It will allow us to grow our networks and increase the opportunities we can provide new members.

Join the Alumni Network!

3. Mid Summer Barbecue

Time: Sunday August 13 @ 2pm
Location: Linacre College

If you are in Oxford, join us as the Africa Society seeks to recreate a little bit of Africa in Oxford with a BBQ (and some Sun hopefully!) before the Summer disappears again. The Society will provide a hot grill, some meat and non-alcoholic drinks but please feel free to bring along your own eats. Join us to catch up with the Society's members who are still around.

4. Afrisoc Buddy Programme

Based on the feedback of AfriSoc members of the past year, the incoming Committee is in the process of implementing an African Buddy programme for the benefit of incoming members of the Society. This is done with an aim to improve the experience particularly during the early stages of coming up to Oxford. We will work towards connecting new students who have expressed an interest in the Africa Society with senior members based on interests but not necessarily the same geographical context.
If you would like to be part of the African Buddy Programme, please fill this survey. It only takes 30 seconds.

5. Mary Jiyani, Head of the Working Committee on Entrenching the Africa Society


Our current constitution, adopted in May 2016, has been made obsolete by the Proctors decision, in MT 2016, to force a standard constitution on all student clubs. We have resolved to adopt the standard constitution but draft by-laws that reflect the content of the original constitution.
Mary Jiyani, second year MPhill candidate in Law, will head the working committee in charge of this. She is a member of Balliol college and has previously studied at the university of Cape Town. Mary was the first female Malawian to be awarded the Rhodes Scholarship.

6. Rocco Zizzamia, Scholarships Manager

Rocco Zizzamia, South African, is a second year MPhill candidate in Development studies. Having benefited from the opportunity of studying at Oxford on a scholarship, he is passionate about extending these opportunities to other Africans

Rocco is the new manager of the Scholarships Portfolio, of which he was a member last year. He contributed, together with Ashley Pople and Kgaugelo Sebidi, in the creation of the Scholarship Portfolio Concept Note. The document states the objectives of the Portfolio and details some partnerships we believe will help us attain them.

Rocco Zizzamia

7. Tonny Mungai, Social Secretary


Tonny Mungai is a Doctoral student in Primary Health Care at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes scholar.
He firmly believes the position of Social Secretary to be instrumental in the cohesiveness of a society and has maturated this conviction while serving in different leadership positions across different platforms. Last year, he served as the President of the Public Health Society at the Oxford Brookes University where his main role was to create awareness and advocate for action on various public health issues afflicting different populations in Oxford and across the globe.

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