The Oxford Africa Conference is the leading interdisciplinary conference on Africa delivered by a team of Oxford students. The conference brings together heads of state, policy-makers, business leaders, academics, artists, students, and professionals to critically expand the discourse on Africa. In its eighth year running, the conference aims to provide a vibrant platform for new thinking about a global Africa across all disciplines – politics, society, business, technology and academia – connecting inter-generational leaders from around the world to shape an integrated and innovative perspective on Africa’s future. Last year’s conference included high profile speakers, such as Dr. Donald Kaberuka (former President of the African Development Bank), Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki (former Prime Minister of Niger and Head of NEPAD), Graca Machel (Former Minister of Education of Mozambique), Fred Swaniker (Founder of the African Leadership Group) among many others:


About the role: The Conference Co-Chairs will lead a committee in planning and delivering the conference. Responsibilities include managing sponsorship, speakers, conference programming (including overall theme), media and publicity, logistics, and an innovation fair showcasing entrepreneurs from the continent. The co-Chairs will work closely with the Africa Society committee, as well as other Africa-focused groups in Oxford to organize the conference. Given the intensity of an Oxford post-graduate degree, co-chairs need to be extremely organized and competent in managing often stressful and potentially frustrating environments, while maintaining their academic standards. We stress that potential candidates should fully commit to the conference, and not be involved in too many other activities in Oxford, as this role is demanding.

Entry Requirements:

  • Africa-oriented research/business outlook
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Maths) students highly encouraged to apply
    • Luxophone and Francophone Africans highly encouraged to apply

Skills required:

  • Highly motivated and engaged
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills, organisational ability and time management
  • Attention to detail and ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Negotiation skills
  • Willingness to work unsociable hours
  • Wide network across Africa (useful, but not mandatory)

Program Manager

About the role: The program manager is a fundamental part of the programmatic development of the conference. They will be responsible for the content of the conference and for finding an ideal combination of plenary sessions, keynotes and smaller break-out sessions. They will help develop critical questions for speeches and panel discussions related to the theme and work closely with Speakers Manager on developing thoroughly researched biographies and descriptions of speakers and events for the website. They will also be responsible for content of programme leaflet on the day of the conference.

Speakers Manager

About the role: The speaker manager will contribute to advance African discourse on the campus and beyond. They will manage the speaker invitation process of the entire team, do research on potential speakers, draft invitations to high profile speakers to attend the conference, track communication with all speakers and solicit and edit professional bios from them. They will also liaise with Logistics team to organize accommodation/local travel and communication for high profile speakers and strategize on the role of speakers in the context of the program i.e. is a speaker best suited for a plenary session.

Media and Marketing Manager

About the role: The media and marketing manager is an important part in making the conference the largest student run Africa conference in Europe. The role involves managing the Oxford Africa Conferences' social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), drafting 2 or 3 press releases for the conference and coming up with advertising concepts and ideas for the conference with the help of the team. They will also work with designers to finalize promotional material for the conference (banners, posters, flyers) and plan new ways to engage with the public.

Sponsorship Manager

About the role: The sponsorship manager will guide the outreach of the conference team and network with sponsors which have included McKinsey, TouchRoad and HLF. They will be develop a value proposition unique to each sponsor, create and negotiate sponsorship packages, work with Finance and Logistics to track funds, ensure that sponsorship stipulations are carried out and assist with getting sponsor representatives to the Gala dinner and networking sessions.

Finance Manager

About the role: This role is suited to those with a background in finance and book-keeping. They will help develop the budget and financial framework of the conference, work with the Treasurer of the Afrisoc committee to manage and approve spending and manage the pricing and distribution strategy of ticketing.

Logistics Manager

About the role: The Logistics manager is in charge of everything related to venues for the conference. They will also be in charge of accommodation and travel arrangements for speakers and innovators and are responsible for catering for conference days. They will work closely with all other members of the team to support with logistics.

IT Manager

About the role: The IT manager is in charge of providing infrastructures that will help the conference engage a large audience in Oxford and abroad. They will run and manage the website together with Media/Marketing Manager, develop IT tools for the conference and will be responsible for the IT Logistics on the day of the conference, including the live stream.

Events Manager

About the role: The events manager is in charge of major pre-conference and after-conference events. They will secure venues and plan the Gala dinner and organise the after-party in collaboration with the Social Secretary of the Afrisoc Committee.

How to Apply

Applications are now open. Entry requirements for all roles are:

  • Matriculated graduate student at the University of Oxford
  • Member of the Oxford University Africa Society (register now)

Send your CV and a 1-page Cover letter to africa.society[at] and cc ndjodi.ndeunyema[at] Your email should have the following subject: OxAfrica18 - Application - [Role]

If you would like to be considered for more than one role, please indicate so in the cover letter, but use the preferred role in the email subject. Your CV and Cover letters should be sent as attachments to the email. Please ensure that your CV is up to date with your Oxford degree.

Application deadlines

  • Conference Co-Chairs: 13.10.2017
  • All other roles: 20.10.2017
Oxford Africa Conference 2018 – Call for Applications