President-elect Papa Kojo Botsio


The voting has now been completed and the results, as provided by our Returning Officer, are as below:

Name Votes Percentage %
Papa Kojo Botsio 59 60
Temitope Ajileye 22 22
Mbalenhle Matandela 16 16
None of the above 1 1
Vice President
Name Votes Percentage
Nada Kurdi 84 86
None of the above 14 14
General Secretary
Name Votes Percentage
Simphiwe Laura Stewart 93 95
None of the above 5 5
Name Votes Percentage
Nolianga Imasiku 95 97
None of the above 3 3
Social Secretary
Name Votes Percentage
Olayinka Makinwa 93 95
None of the above 5 5


Congratulations to our President-elect Pako and all the other elected portfolios for the mandate you have been given by our members. We would also like to extend our commiserations and thanks to the unsuccessful Presidential candidates Temitope and Mbali; your articulated visions for the Society and the dedication you have shown to date is most laudable and we hope that you will continue to contribute to the Society in the coming year.

The President-elect and outgoing President will discuss and communicate the transitions and handover in the coming days.

We would finally like to appreciate Norbert for overseeing and administering this election.

With thanks,
The outgoing Africa Society Committee

Oxford Africa Society Committee 2018-2019 Results

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