Our Approach

The Scholarship and Access Portfolio is a sub-committee of the Oxford University Africa Society, focused on increasing access to African students to Oxford University. The Scholarship and Access team has focused on deconstructing the perception that Oxford is an "un-African" and inaccessible university. Too many worthy African students self-exclude - the first step to improving access is breaking down these self-selection mechanisms. Towards the same end, the Scholarship and Access Portfolio is currently running a mentorship programme involving approximately 35 prospective African applicants, who have been matched with current African Oxford students or alumni, and are supported throughout the application and funding process by these mentors. The final frontier of the Scholarship and Access Portfolio's mission is increasing the funding available to Africans at Oxford. Towards this aim they are partnering with the Africa Oxford Initiative, and are hoping to help facilitate new funding partnerships and attract new sources of funding in the near future.

Application Process

The university website is a good starting point for finding out what is required before submitting an application.

For any further question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Scholarships Concept Note

The portfolio was instituted by the 2016 committee. The results of the activities in its first year are summarised in the Scholarship Portfolio Concept Note.

The document introduces the problem we want to tackle, states the objectives of the Portfolio and details some partnerships we believe will help us attain them.