Students dressed in sub fusc pose for a picture after matriculating (credit: Africa Oxford Initiative)
Dear Friends, 
Greetings from the Afrisoc Scholarships and Access Committee (SAC).

As mentioned to some of you during orientation, this year, in continuation to the previous efforts of the SAC, our goal is to increase the number of Africans in Oxford. We have two main objectives namely; increasing the application pool and exploring opportunities to grow funding available to African applicants. 
This term, we kindly entreat your collaboration in realizing our first objective of increasing the application pool, through our mentorship program.

1) The mentorship program is an opportunity for you to be a mentor to an aspiring African applicant. As a mentor, we would partner you with an applicant who would then have you as a contact person for any guidance/questions/clarifications. The pairings are based on mutual academic interest and or country of origin.  
As a mentor last year, I had a few Skype calls with my mentees, I read through their application material and provided guidance, and I pointed out different scholarships and funding opportunities I knew of . You would do something similar to that.  
If you are interested in being a mentor, kindly fill out the brief form ( attached herein and we will get in touch with you shortly on how you can fully participate. 
2) In addition to being a mentor, we would like you to kindly help us in spreading the word and encouraging as many people as we know to apply. We will be reaching out in the next week or so with full details and material that you can circulate via social media and email to encourage people to apply.  
We look forward to hearing from you. 
The scholarships and Access Committee
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