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Abigail is a Rhodes Scholar reading for the MSc in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. Abigail’s interdisciplinary scholarship is situated within critical mobilities studies, and as an Eritrean-Ethiopian Canadian, she is deeply passionate about justice for displaced communities. Her undergraduate research addressed the nexus of gender, climate, and migrant justice, highlighting the violence resulting from climate securitization and border militarization policies. Currently, her work explores collective memory making as liberation practice as Ethiopian diasporic women (dis)engage with justice discourses on ethnic conflict in Ethiopia.

Abigail’s work as a community organizer in Canada, (co)founder of various advocacy organizations for migrant, racial, and gender justice, and innovative policy intervention has been platformed in the Canadian Senate and at the United Nations. Her experience ranges from work in refugee camps in Europe and East Africa, to research at thinktanks and NGOs focused on border and gender justice (including the Migration Policy Institute, Network of Ethiopian Womens Associations, and others). While Abigail’s published work is most often aimed at generating social change, she enjoys writing as a creative and personal outlet, and is excited to contribute to the Afrisights Magazine!

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