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Kader Kaneye


Co-founder and president of the African Development University (A.D.U.) Niger.

With over 15 years of international experiences on several continents in sectors such as auditing, consulting, financial services, oil and gas, agriculture, non-profit management, higher education, and youth development, Kader Kaneye's work cuts across the intersection of development, higher education, governance, and tri-sector leadership. Passionate about creating opportunities for youth to thrive, he set out after his master's degree at Harvard to replicate the same level of excellence and access to quality education in the Sahel, in Niger to be precise. Following in the footsteps of Ashesi University in Ghana, Kader created the African Development University (A.D.U.) in Niger, which is the first non- profit university in Niger with the mission of preparing the most talented youth of Niger and Francophone Africa to design and lead the development of their nations as ethical and effective leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Kader is an experienced social entrepreneur and impactful leader with a passion for empowering youth, especially women, and promoting community development through enterprise, leadership and community service. His lifelong vision is to see an Africa empowered and in which youth are well positioned to lead and change the narrative of the continent.

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