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Macdonald Mutekwa

Macdonald Mutekwa, a Rhodes Scholar from Zimbabwe, is pursuing a DPhil in Engineering Science. He has valuable experience in student engagement and representation. His previous roles as Vice-Chair of the International Student Council and current positions as Welfare Officer and EDI Committee member of the Keble College MCR have equipped him with the necessary skills to effectively act as a liaison navigating the delicate space between students and administration.


As an active member of the Society, Macdonald recognizes and appreciates its multicultural and multinational diversity. He firmly believes in promoting active engagement and inclusion within the Executive Committee. Notably, Macdonald led the Society's response to the Malawian humanitarian crisis after cyclone Freddy, successfully delivering relief packages to 90 displaced families, exemplifying his commitment to the Society's core values of Pan-Africanism, Community, and Solidarity.


In the role of General Secretary, Macdonald aims to enhance member students' engagement with news and events across Africa, utilizing platforms such as the newsletter. He also plans to diversify the selection of guest speakers to foster healthy and robust discussions within the Society creates a positive atmosphere that nurtures the well-being and growth of its members.

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