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Olivia Vashti Ayim

Olivia Vashti Ayim is a dedicated climate physicist pursuing a PhD in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Oxford. She holds a Master’s degree in Atmospheric Science and Technology and a Postgraduate Diploma from the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy. Throughout her academic journey, Olivia has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a commitment to community engagement. As a member of the African Society, she served as the events coordinator for the highly acclaimed Oxford Africa Conference 2023, a platform that celebrated African heritage and fostered intellectual discourse. Her meticulous planning and execution skills ensured the conference's success, leaving a lasting impact on participants. Olivia’s leadership abilities extend beyond the African Society. She served as the General Secretary of the Physics’


Student Association of Ghana (PHYSAG) - KNUST, overseeing organizational activities and promoting student collaboration. She also led a team at the African Researchers’ Academy for Women, managing affairs during an internship and spearheading a successful community outreach program. With a strong sense of community and a desire for a sense of belonging, Olivia recognizes the value of the African Society at Oxford University. Having experienced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while studying in Italy, she understands the importance of finding a home away from home.


Olivia Vashti Ayim’s passion, leadership skills, and commitment to the African community make her a strong candidate for the position of President of the African Society at Oxford University. She looks forward to contributing to the society’s growth and creating a welcoming community for all members.

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