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Titi Akinsanmi


Titi Akinsanmi is a Public Policy thought leader on the digital economy focused on shaping an enabling environment for innovation. A thought leader, coach and mentor, Titi has served as a Berkman Klein Fellow (Faculty of Law, Harvard University from 2018 – 2020); an advisory and steering committee Board member at GoodID, with the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on the Digital Economy and on the strategy and advisory team on Digital Identity.

Titi is a member of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on the 4th Industrial Revolution of the UNDP (Africa) and serves on the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Digital Economy (StartUpBill.NG) for Nigeria. She sits on the board of nonprofits like the Acces

Employment Canada, Yemi Shyllon Museum of Arts and Junior Achievement amongst others.

She has spent the last two decades – globally – advising, speaking and delivering on laws and policies connecting the public, civil and private sectors. Her expertise is discerning which, where, and how regulations and policies help harness digital opportunities while mediating its emerging tensions, addressing gaps and building sustainable allies.

She is currently the Global Policy Lead for Generative AI at Google. She previously headed the Global Policy team for Google Assistant its New tech technologies lab team and for all its devices. Also at Google, she led the cluster for the global tech giant as the Government affairs and Public policy lead for Privacy, International Organisations in Africa and as the West & Francophone Africa Government Affairs lead.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Law specializing in Privacy and Cybersecurity (Osgoode Law) and a Masters in Public Policy & Development Management (Uni. of Witwatersrand).

She is a Mama to 3 (2 XXs, 1 XY), and wifey to 1 (XY). @titiakinsanmi

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