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Wantoe T. Wantoe is pursuing a master's in public policy with the Blavatnik School of Government in Pembroke College. He is the Co-Founder of Youth Leaders For Global Change and serve as a Youth Advisory Member of the AFS Youth Assembly and a former Congressional Intern with New York, Congressman Jamaal Bowman.

Since the age of nine, Wantoe has championed the rights of women and children and has been one of Liberia’s prime faces for global sustainability and youth development. In June 2022, he was named as one of eight ‘Young Pacesetters for African Development’ by the African Renaissance and Diaspora Network, awarded during the Africa Day celebrations at the United Nations Trustee Chambers. He is also
a recipient of the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s Frédéric Ozanam Award and Vincent Depaul Award for contributions to students' consciousness and systemic change.

Wantoe is a passionate and dedicated young man driven by social causes. His listening and communication skills allow him to influence and mobilize young people, his community and decision makers. He is compassionate, always interested in other people’s views, and shimmering on how he can lead his life to improve the lives of others. His Leadership and commitment to solving deep systemic
change is not hidden. Wantoe is a consistent voice at articulating policy prescription for the plethora of crises in Liberia. During the Ebola outbreak, he participated in the documentation of the violations and neglect of over 785 orphaned. He was invited in 2016 to speak at the United Nations World Humanitarian Summit as the youngest preliminary speaker. He spoke on behalf of West African countries and generated thousands of commitments to action and over a dozen new partnerships to combat humanitarian disasters.


Evidence of his impeccable leadership and commitment to solving societal issues, he was awarded as a 2020 Friend of Humanity Distinguished Alumni Award Distinguished Alumni Award by the Friendship Ambassador Foundations. He is a certified 2019 Obama Foundation Community Leadership Asset and Dialogue Alumni. In addition, a 2021 President Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute, Leadership, and the American Presidency Alumni. He is a 2019 Princess Diana Award Recipient, a 2018 Global Young Voices SDGs Champion Winner SDGs Champion Winner And a 2017 FAF Humanitarian Impact Winner Humanitarian Impact Winner among several recognitions.

These recognitions landed with numerous impacts in resolving world issues that require his critical leadership skills, teamwork and a deep sense of humanity. Wantoe currently serves as a Civil Society Youth Rep on the United Nations Youth Steering Committee.

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