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Chukwudum Chukwuedo 

Manager, Data & AI Intelligent Consulting Hub, Accenture UK

Chukwudum Chukwuedo is a distinguished Data Science Technology Consulting Manager with a rich engineering and project management background. With an impressive track record of generating over $10 million in value through innovative solutions, Chukwudum stands at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud technologies to drive operational excellence and data-driven decision-making across diverse industries.


Holding advanced degrees in Business Analytics from Imperial College Business School, Mechanical Engineering with a focus on New and Renewable Energy Systems from University College London, a postgraduate certificate in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Industrial Internet of Things from the African Leadership University, and currently rounding up his Cyber Security degree from the University of London, Chukwudum embodies a lifelong commitment to learning and excellence.


His career spans significant roles, including leading the AI Intelligent Consulting Hub Europe at Accenture, where he serves as a Responsible AI Subject Matter Expert and spearheads numerous projects that leverage cloud-based infrastructures to create sustainable AI products and services, ensuring compliance and enhancing stakeholder trust. His work in architecting scalable, secure, and innovative digital solutions across Europe, Africa, North America, and globally showcases his ability to bridge the gap between business needs and technological innovation.


Chukwudum's expertise is not just limited to corporate success; he has also played a pivotal role in policy formulation, notably as an Expert Advisory Member for Nigeria's National Artificial Intelligence Policy, focusing on the interplay between AI, cybersecurity, and national security.


As a speaker, Chukwudum brings a wealth of experience and insights on leveraging technology for sustainable development, the transformative power of AI, and the importance of strategic global partnerships for inclusive growth in Africa. His dedication to delivering impactful results and a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities technology presents for the African continent make him an invaluable contributor to any discussion on the future of technology and development in Africa.

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