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This panel explores the critical economic development and entrepreneurship theme, intricately woven into the broader conference theme, "Charting Africa's Path Forward: A Journey of Possibilities." The discussion will centre on entrepreneurship's pivotal role as a catalyst for economic growth across the continent. Panellists will engage in a comprehensive exploration of success stories, challenges, and innovative solutions within the entrepreneurial landscape. Special attention will be given to the role of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, and fostering sustainable development. The discussion will delve into key aspects, including access to finance and infrastructure for startups and small businesses, while also analysing the transformative impact of the private sector on Africa's economic development. Through insightful discussions on policies, partnerships, and grassroots initiatives, the panel aims to contribute rich perspectives to the narrative of Africa's journey towards economic renaissance and the myriad possibilities it envisions for the future.

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

Workshop Topic: "Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential for Sustainable Economic Development in Africa"

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