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Wantoe T. Wantoe


Wantoe T. Wantoe is a distinguished advocate for women and children's rights, a champion of global sustainability, and a leader in youth development across Liberia and Africa. He holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy from the University of Oxford and has a remarkable record of service and recognition.


Demonstrating his leadership, Wantoe was the National Orator for Liberia's Flag Day in 2023, the youngest in the country's history during a politically pivotal period. His work in human rights began with his appointment in 2013 as the youth representative to Liberia's Independent National Human Rights Commission. Here, he led initiatives to enhance bystander protection and access to human rights investigations. His dedication was pivotal in establishing child rights institutions across Liberia's 15 counties, amplifying children's voices and rights.


Wantoe's commitment extended to documenting rights violations against 785 children during the Ebola outbreak, leading to his role as a speaker at the United Nations World Humanitarian Summit, where his speech spurred over 3,000 commitments to action.


His achievements have garnered international accolades, including recognition by Princess Diana, awards from the Friendship Ambassador Foundation, the Obama Foundation, and the Princess Diana Award. He was named the Global Young Voices SDGs Champion, received the Friend of Humanity Distinguished Alumni Award, and was honored with the Vincent De-Paul and Frédéric Ozanam Awards.


Currently, Wantoe serves on the AFS Board of Trustee  and the AFS Youth Assembly Advisory Council, influencing global youth policies. Recently, he was recognized as one of the 400 Impactful Individuals in Pembroke College's 400-year history at the University of Oxford, highlighting his significant contributions to societal change and development.

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